How to build your company website within an hour

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This is an era of internet marketing. We identify a business with its web and social media presence. It’s necessary to have a website for every business. Just a one-page landing page is also sufficient to describe what your business is about.

Many of us think that getting a business online is a hectic, long process and it is out of their budget. But, the truth is getting your business online is very simple and quick too. You can get your business online within an hour!

Yes, you heard it right!

Unless and until you don’t need a dynamic, detailed website. A detailed website can be developed by Professional Web Developer or a Web Agency.

So how can you achieve this objective?

Before we answer this you should have the following requirements ready with you.

Pre-requisites :

  1. Your business name
  2. Logo of your business
    If your logo is not ready you can get one designed by paying a designer or design your own logo online using platforms like Canva, Wix, Brandcrowd, etc. I prefer Canva as it is quick and easy. Because it has ample of fonts and design options.
    Also, there are a lot of freelance graphic designers available on Fiverr who can design the logo for you at affordable prices.
  3. Content – About your business and services you offer
  4. Contact details to add on the webpage

Once you have the pre-requisites ready follow the below guidelines.

  1. Domain Name

    It’s important to pick the right domain name for your business. You can book a domain with .com / .in / .me or any other extension from the standard ICANN’s domain extension list.
    There are domain providers like GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.
    The cost of a domain name depends on the type of domain extension you select, a service provider from where you buy a domain, and the term for which the domain is booked. Sometimes booking a domain for long terms like 2-3years gets a good discount on the pricing. Generally, a domain name can cost you from $2 to $200 per year.
    I always recommend GoDaddy for domain and hosting services.
    So, get your domain name!

  2. Hosting

    What is hosting? Often people are confused with the hosting or server space. A hosting (server space) is nothing but storage allocated on the cloud where you can place the website files.
    Hosting is available at a cheaper rate. It starts with a dollar per month. The hosting service providers like Bluehost, HostGator and GoDaddy are the big players in the market.

  3. Website

    A website can be designed in multiple ways.

    a. Theme

    If you have a sound knowledge of how HTML works, there are plenty of landing page themes available. You can download a free HTML theme from W3layouts, Freehtml5 or buy a premium HTML theme from Themeforest, Templatemonster.
    Once files are downloaded, add a logo, replace the theme images with actual images of your business, add content on this page and upload these files on the server to go live!
    Sounds easy right! Initially, if you aren’t a technical person with zero knowledge of HTML it is difficult, but not impossible!

    b. CMS

    If you aren’t a technical person and do not want to struggle with the HTML, do not worry, CMS is for your rescue!
    CMS stands for Content Management System. Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress are some of the popular CMS used for building websites.
    CMS is user-friendly and helps a user build their website easily.
    WordPress is widely used for creating landing pages, blogs, and even eCommerce shopping sites are developed with WooCommerce which is user-friendly and a non-developer can use it fluently.
    WordPress being open source, it is available on all the hosting servers. You just need to install it and start editing the website.

  4. Third-party platforms

    There are many platforms available to design a website with a graphical user interface. These platforms use Website builder tools. Popular platforms are Wix, GoDaddy website builder, and Weebly.

  5. Google my business

    Once your site is live and running, do not forget to add your business to Google business listing. Submit your website link along with other contact details. This listing helps you to get visibility in the local market and contributes towards the Local SEO.

    Conclusion :

    So it is quick and easy to get your company website live.
    Little efforts and a strong willingness to get your business online will make things easier!


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