7 ways to be productive at work every week

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Monday is considered the busiest day of the week. Most of them hate Monday, as its the start of the week. After a weekend when we get back to the work, we are loaded with a lot of emails, pending tasks from the previous week and the current week’s tasks. Imagining the workload itself our mind gets exhausted and we show up on Mondays tensed.

But what if you plan your week in advance and do all the tasks smoothly? No, you don’t have to work for extra hours to achieve this. Focus and determination will help you to be productive at work.

  1. Setup your weekly goals.
    It is important to set up SMART goals. Monthly, weekly and daily. Initially, you might face issues with this, but when practiced it works effectively.
    So, decide what is your objective for the week. Say if you are working for a web agency, keeping 2hrs per day for random unexpected work (which usually happens in every organization), remaining hours can be planned for accomplishing the regular tasks. Know your Project — the details, deadlines and everything. Set up milestones.

  2. Divide the weekly tasks into daily tasks.
    Break down the work into smaller tasks. Use Project management tools like Trello or Asana. Google Calendar is also a very good tool to plan your tasks and set reminders. With this, you can analyze the work at the micro-level, and when these small tasks have completed the happiness of completing many tasks boosts your strength and motivates you to complete other tasks as well.

  3. Prioritize your tasks.
    Label your tasks with priorities. High, Medium and Low priority. Take up the High priority tasks first. Trello has an awesome feature of labeling your tasks with colors.

  4. Estimate
    Estimate the time for each task. After completion of the task, enter the actual time taken to complete that task. This will help you in understand your ability, speed and the areas in which you are weak. Using these analytics you can improvise yourself.

  5. Dedication
    One must enjoy the work they are doing. Knowledge without dedication can’t get you results. If your plans are good, you are brilliant in the technologies you work on but you aren’t able to work with dedication you might not see good results.

  6. Record
    Recording your activity helps you to find out how efficient you are. Analyzing the smallest activities will help you achieve your biggest goals.

  7. Evaluate
    Evaluate all the tasks; completed and pending. Plan your next week depending on this evaluation. Write exact estimates and try to complete them. Before the week starts you should be ready with your weekly plan.

Last but not least, Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Enter into the next week with a fresh and cheerful mind.


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