Preeti Savant

Google Analytics Benefits

Google Analytics and its benefits

Analytics is a process of collecting data and analyzing the data to make certain decisions. When you create a website for your business and launch it, it is important to understand if traffic is flowing on your website, who are your visitors, from where they are coming and how are they interacting with the website. […]

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website design in india

How to build your company website within an hour

This is an era of internet marketing. We identify a business with its web and social media presence. It’s necessary to have a website for every business. Just a one-page landing page is also sufficient to describe what your business is about. Many of us think that getting a business online is a hectic, long […]

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Entrepreneur in India

7 ways to be productive at work every week

Monday is considered the busiest day of the week. Most of them hate Monday, as its the start of the week. After a weekend when we get back to the work, we are loaded with a lot of emails, pending tasks from the previous week and the current week’s tasks. Imagining the workload itself our […]

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